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Q: How OVO-TECH realized the sale?

A:  1.The buyer send order to OVO-TECH via email which specifies the type of machine, delivery method and submits contact details.
      2.OVO-TECH send a Proforma Invoice to the client.
      3.The client validates invoices proforma and transfers payment.
      4.After receiving the transfer (usually 1-3 days) OVO-TECH send machine to the client.

Q: How OVO-TECH products are delivered to client?
A:  1.Each buyer can personally pick up the device from OVO-TECH.
      2.OVO-TECH can deliver products to any international airport in any country from 2 to 10 days. We offer air or road (in all Europe area) transport.
      3.Buyer may also send a own courier to the headquarters of OVO-TECH.

Q: How we packed products to shipment?
A: Centrifuges model UDTJ10 and  UDTJ150 are packed on a wooden pallet with dimensions of 70x80 H110 cm, centrifuges UDTJ 420 and egg breakers RZ1 or RZ3 are packed on a pallet EUR (120x60) H120 cm. Devices are wrapped in bubble foil and stretch. The entire package is covered with cardboard. On special request dimensions of package can be reduced before shipment.

DOCUMENTS: each consignment for products OVO-TECH contains the following documents:
Invoice, manual, paking list, AWB, if required certificate of origin, ATR, EUR1, confirmation of Chamber of comers.

Q: If it's possible to use centrifuge on current: 1 phase 230V 50Hz or 60Hz ?
A: Yes, only when OVO-TECH equip the device in an inverter - for a fee.

Q: If it's possible to use centrifuge on current: 3 phase 230V 60Hz ?
A: Yes. In UDTJ-150 we will change gears and in UDTJ-10 and UDTJ-420 we will add inverter.

Q: Is the size of the egg is important when using the RZ machine?
A: It does not matter because the machine has the appropriate regulations adjusting to the size of eggs.

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